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Motherhood: Aysha & Mabel


Motherhood: Aysha & Mabel (2022)

Crystal Leaity / UK / 8 Min

Exposing an ongoing social issue faced by parents with disabilities around the world, we follow a single mother as she talks about her debilitating health challenges while trying to care for her one year old baby. 

Screening at London Short Film Festival January 2023

Motherhood: Aysha & Mabel festival Selection: London Short Film Festival

Official Selection Norwich Film Festival 2022

JAM (2021)

JAM (2022)

Crystal Leaity / UK / 12 Min

In 1999, "JAM" follows June, a 10-year-old girl, as she navigates the complexities of adulthood while in isolation.

Q&A Screening at Norwich Film Festival 2022

Motherhood: Jane & Tom - Winner Cinecity New Voices Award.

Selection: London Short Film Festival,  screened at Woman X Festival, Together! Festival and Little Wing Festival 2021.

Motherhood (2020)

Motherhood: Jane & Tom (2020)

Crystal Leaity / UK / 4 Min
Exposes an ongoing social issue faced by parents of disabled children around the world, we follow a single mother and the challenges and sacrifices faced while trying to secure a happy and stable future as an independent adult for her disabled son. is a short documentary film about a single mother trying to secure a future for her severely disabled son.​

Albion In the Community | Documentary | 5 min 

I collaborated with Wildstag Studio to produce a documentary spotlighting young individuals with disabilities thriving within the football community. They candidly share their experiences with school bullying and the challenges of balancing success while living with disabilities.

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