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Motherhood: Aysha & Mabel

Crystal Leaity / UK / 8 Min

Exposing an ongoing social issue faced by parents with disabilities around the world, we follow a single mother as she talks about her debilitating health challenges while trying to care for her one year old baby. 

Official selection: London Short Film Festival (2023)

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Motherhood: Aysha & Mabel: Portfolio

Aysha was fostered into my family in 2010. She previously lived with her Nan who unfortunately, was unable to care for Aysha due to her own sickness. Aysha has been type 1 diabetic for over 17 years after contracting a viral infection as a child. She uses a Dexcom pump and self injects insulin on a daily basis.

In 2020 Aysha gave birth to Mabel under strict lockdown rules and regulation. During this time Aysha had to self isolate as she was part of the high risk group.  Aysha has been in and out of hospital multiple times due to having a weakened immune system and resistance to antibiotics. 

Motherhood: Aysha & Mabel: Text
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